Relations and concept properties defined in EDAM

Note: URIs, definitions, domains and ranges are present in the EDAM.owl file. EDAM relations apply between concepts and/or annotated entities.

Relation Inverse Maintained in EDAM Example
has input is input of Operation has input Data Sequence annotation has input Sequence record
has output is output of Operation has output Data RNA structure prediction has output RNA structure record
has topic is topic of Operation or Data has topic Topic Phylogenetic tree has topic Phylogenetics
has format is format of Format is format of Data CHP is format of Processed microarray data
has identifier is identifier of Identifier is identifier of Data InterPro accession is identifier of Protein signature
has function is function of not between EDAM concepts a tool has function Sequence assembly

Some concepts have additional properties declared in EDAM:

Citation contains a dereferenceable URI, preferrably including a DOI, pointing to a citeable publication of the given data format.

Created in states which version of EDAM a concept was added in.

Documentation includes a URL within a Format concept pointing to its documentation.

Example lists one or more valid examples (among the identifiers).

File extension lists examples of usual file extensions of a format.

Media type includes a link pointing to a page specifying a media type of the given data format.

Obsolete since states the version since which an obsolete concept has been deprecated.

Regular expression constrains allowed values of types of identifiers (mostly accessions) and is useful for validation of inputs to tools.